Our Work

For 25 years, we have worked with technology companies and enterprises to prototype, build and integrate next-generation digital solutions.

Health Insurance Portal

Integrates diverse data with multiple endpoints on a secure and compliant platform for easy access

Xoriant developed a fully integrated health insurance portal to facilitate coordination between patients, care providers, insurance companies and government agencies. This was a very complex integration with data from many different sources, in many different formats, covered by strict regulatory requirements. The solution integrates that diverse data with internal and external endpoints on a secure and compliant platform that enables easy access for users.

Risk Assessment Platform

Aggregates data from diverse sources, applies risk models in real time and visually presents the data to enable decision-making

For one of the world’s largest consulting firms, Xoriant designed and built a platform to automate vendor risk assessment. The solution integrates large amounts of data from diverse sources, including social media and news channels, applies models in real time to make the risk assessment and presents the data visually on iOS and web devices.

Social Media App

Pulls three social media channels onto one platform to improve consumer experience and engagement

Xoriant designed and developed an app that aggregates the social media feeds of select celebrities and presents them on a single platform. Fans are empowered to engage with all their favorite celebrities from that one platform, making for a better user experience and resulting in increased engagement.

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